Counselling and/vs Coaching.

Coaching and counselling, both germinate with the same premise. The presumption for both will always remain that every individual undergoes pain in their life in some form or the other.  And that many individuals do not go to the bottom of the core problem and rather live with the wound unhealed – raw or camouflaged.… Continue reading Counselling and/vs Coaching.

Counselling and/vs therapy

Similarities Psychotherapy and counselling are both treatments for mental health problems that involve talking with a trained mental health professional. You talk about thoughts, feelings and behaviours to understand them better and work in a collaborative way to promote mental wellness.  The term psychotherapy is often used interchangeably with counselling, talk therapy or therapy. There… Continue reading Counselling and/vs therapy

Counselling and/vs guidance

Counselling is all about giving professional advice to the individual based on personal and psychology-related problems.  In counselling an individual talks to the counsellor or therapist on a freeway, and they can share their feelings, emotions, problems, and fears with the counsellor.  The counsellor helps an individual to overcome problems and deals with issues for… Continue reading Counselling and/vs guidance

Which Counselling Approach Is Best?

What Are Counseling Approaches? A counsellor’s approach is a reflection of their training and coaching philosophy. Counselling approaches and coaching styles also are differentiated by how therapists interact with clients. For example, client-centred counsellors focus on a client’s innate goodness and use a nondirective interaction style. Generally speaking, counselling approaches are guided by theory and… Continue reading Which Counselling Approach Is Best?

Why counselling is not advice-giving.

Counselling Vs Advice-giving. Counselling is not Advising and giving Advice is not Counselling! Advising and counselling are two very different things. Giving advice is letting people know what you think is best for them, while counselling is allowing people to explore and decide what is best for them. As human beings, we rely heavily on… Continue reading Why counselling is not advice-giving.

Who Needs Counselling? Reasons why we all need Counselling Services

We all experience periods of sadness, depression, loneliness, worry, anxiety, relational conflict, and internal stress. All of us go through difficult times and transitions in our lives. Seeking out the support of a professional counsellor, because you are struggling in life doesn’t mean you are weak.  Willingness to genuinely examine yourself is a bold move.… Continue reading Who Needs Counselling? Reasons why we all need Counselling Services