Want to stand out in an interview and impress the hiring manager?  Then you want to mention these top 5 soft skills; TEAMWORK…Indicate that you can collaborate and you’re a team player, which is essential for driving positive culture and delivering outcomes.  PROBLEM SOLVING … Reflects that you can navigate complex work environments and handle… Continue reading Interview

Courses on offer for you, your team or your staff.

Before you we start, how would you like a welcome video?  5/5 DIPLOMA IN PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELLING™ If you are serious about being a licensed Psychotherapist with the ability to DIAGNOSE, formulate a CASE, Develop a TREATMENT PLAN and adequately walk your clients through a thorough psychological journey —no BS! …Then this professional Diploma is… Continue reading Courses on offer for you, your team or your staff.

Hi there,

I’ll be brief because time has just about to run out..   And rather than take you through a long preamble, why not just pick a course and follow me inside so we can deep dive into the nitty gritties, sounds good?    Which Way? I’ve provided  a quick overview and a link to each… Continue reading Hi there,

Are you sweating small stuff?

How could it be possible that TALKING could make you exponentially more money than hammering nails? Or carrying bricks… Or driving a truck across the country? You see, in a world where communication is a bridge to more wealth and significance,…  You don’t get paid based on the difficulty of the work you do. On… Continue reading Are you sweating small stuff?

Hotter Days Ahead

if you’ve noticed, the big duvet is currently useless. Do you know why? ​ Well, we are gradually entering a period of heat that will be difficult to bear day and night. ​ According to the experts, this is due to heat waves resulting from the emission of greenhouse gases. ​ The Meteorological Agency is… Continue reading Hotter Days Ahead

Free at last!

I’m sure you saw that Jackie Maribe was finally acquitted. I’ve been reflecting on her acquittal in contrast to the stories we get for supervision from some of our students who do practicum in the prison… And they run to us for supervision when they come across stories of mistaken identity. Their major question is… Continue reading Free at last!

Mission Impossible

Have you seen the movie Mission Impossible—Death Reckoning? Many folks my age only know the Mission Impossible the 90s edition, but I am talking about the latest that was released in July 2023. There are many breathtaking scenes in the movie, The train scene literally kept me on the edge of the seat the entire… Continue reading Mission Impossible

“There’s no shame in this”

I don’t know if you’ve been keen on where we’re coming from as a country because… With the new Mental Health Act of 2022, one of the key areas addressed that was a big concern in the 1992 version is STIGMA. There’s a reason Mental Health and Vulnerability, in general, have consistently been stigmatized. This… Continue reading “There’s no shame in this”

FREE Wellbeing Test for you, your family, and friends…

This initiative is our way of showing support for the ongoing Mental Health Campaigns in the country. Take this simple assessment to gauge where you are at currently. It is anonymous, meaning no one, not even myself, get’s to know you were here. Ready? Click here to see how you’re doing before we end the… Continue reading FREE Wellbeing Test for you, your family, and friends…


Jkeysauthor, the former CEO of 711 and Blockbuster was asked “What was the biggest driving factor of your success that enabled you to work your way up and become a CEO of a multi-billion dollar company?  He revealed three insights that he was keen to acknowledge saying… “My gifts to you”  You’ll definitely love the… Continue reading Jkeys