Madaraka Vs Jamhuri Day in Counselling Terms

I asked a few counsellors who are part of the Storytellers Community Group™

To distinguish between Madaraka Vs Jamhuri Day Celebrations.

You can imagine the answers I got.

So Reader,

Even before we start, what would you’ve said is the difference?

No, without using ChatGPT or Google…

Well, not sure if you’re ready for a political talk but if you elect me in 2037, I’ll sponsor a new study to find out the impact of historical trauma on our National Psychological Outlook.

Anyhoos, let’s explore the differences between the two most confusing National Kenyan Days;

Madaraka Day

Madaraka Day is about independence and autonomy,

Akin to what Counsellors aim to give their clients when setting overall goals of therapy.

Just like we do at Kenya Institute of Professional Counselling (KIPC), our approach to therapy is rather eclectic and seeks to leave the client at an autonomous place,…

Let me explain;

In advice giving

(which we argue against)

The counsellor says, “I had a similar marital issue and I did ABC and I got DFG results”

So the client goes ahead and implements ABC and let’s say the client gets XYZ results in lieu of DFG…

Who do you think the client will blame for not getting similar results?

The Advice-giver of course.

Counselling is different,

Psychological Counselling I mean.

The client takes full responsibility for the decisions they make outside the therapy room…

Done properly, the Counselor’s role doesn’t even come up.

You’ll hardly hear things like “my counsellor said I should…”

Or “my counsellor asked me to…”

Or “my counsellor told me to…”

The client doesn’t rely on the counsellor to make decisions for them, but rather takes ownership of their own choices.

The client doesn’t feel the need to constantly check in with the counsellor or get their approval before taking action.

The key is that in an effective counselling relationship,…

The client develops the self-awareness, confidence, and internal locus of control to make decisions independently.

The counselor’s role fades into the background, as the client becomes empowered to take charge of their own life.

It’s about fostering true self-determination, not dependence on the therapist.

Imagine the time when you moved out of your parents home and got to live Independently,

Maybe for some, it’s when you joined college…

You could wake up when you want,..

Eat what you want,..

Plan your days however you choose.

That’s the kind of empowerment and freedom that Kenyans experienced on Madaraka Day in 1963.

That’s when we gained self-governance from British Rule.

Jamhuri Day

On the other hand, Jamhuri Day that we celebrate December 12th,

And coming all the way from 1964…

It’s when we officially became a republic

We’re a republic because we could then elect our own representatives like the President.

This is different from when we were under Commonwealth Realm,

When the British Monarch chose who became the head of state;

Queen Elizabeth II was the last head of state before Mzee Jomo Kenyatta took over as a Prime Minister in the newly formed government,

Then he was appointed by the National Assembly as an interim president before contesting & winning presidential race in 1969

Then he ruled until his demise in 1978.

So, Jamhuri day is about a sense of belonging and National Unity.

It’s when we could decide to belong to something bigger than ourselves.

It came to solidify our independence.

You see, It’s one thing to be independent,

And truly another thing to really feel you’re in control.

I don’t know about you but my independence in college wasn’t working well for me until I became part of the Church Community, Peer Counselling group and Presidential Tree Planting Club.

The essence of Jamhuri day is when Kenyans found the tribe,

When Kenyans found a sense of purpose and camaraderie that went beyond just surface level connections.

That’s the kind of unity and sense of place that Kenyans experienced on Jamhuri Day.

A good example of something similar to Jamhuri day is when we finally establish Counsellors & Psychologist Union that we recently started talking about and you can belong.

Or better still, the Storytellers Community, that’s promising to be the next biggest invention for our time.

Just the place for Counsellors, Coaches and other fee-for-service professionals to connect and talk about interesting topics every Saturday 7:30PM (8PM-9PM) Nairobi Time.

It’s a place where iron sharpens iron..

But more importantly a place for like-minded professionals to learn new strategies to support our clients.

Click here to join Storytellers Community Group

I’ll see you inside

Micah Langat

PS: On the surface, Storytellers Community sounds superficial but it’s a great place to belong.

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