Mission Impossible

Have you seen the movie Mission Impossible—Death Reckoning?

Many folks my age only know the Mission Impossible the 90s edition, but I am talking about the latest that was released in July 2023.

There are many breathtaking scenes in the movie,

The train scene literally kept me on the edge of the seat the entire time, 

As I was later going through reviews one person commenting about the scene said “One of the greatest scenes in the film history”

And while this is not in anyway a movie endorsement, it’s just that the latest release carry the theme that’s quite relevant to what I was thinking today, 

If you’re familiar with the franchise, you know each release carry the theme of the time, during your days what was it?

Take a guess on what you think was in the the 2023 release?

You guessed right.

It featured an A.I code that rewrote itself and became difficult to tame and bring it back to normalcy. 

It was unsettling to imagine A.I rewriting itself and becoming uncontrollable, so I just dispelled the thoughts with “It’s just a movie” 

But what an interesting time to be alive!

To witness machines become reliably used at workplaces due to mechanization. 

Artificial Intelligence A.I. Is finding its place in nearly all sectors of economy. 

As this is happening, the demand for the human touch in leadership and management has never been more pronounced. 

With companies recognizing the value of individuals equipped with counseling skills to foster empathy, understanding, and effective communication. 

According to a newly published research by Mae Albiento, 2024, humanitarian leadership approach was seen to gain more relevance in the age of A.I proliferation. 

Humanitarian leadership is simply fostering collaborative, human connections that leverage empathy and communication, both of which are key areas addressed in Psychological Counseling classes.

Towards this end, enrolling in the Certificate in Psychological counselling positions you as a leader who brings not just technical expertise but a profound understanding of the human aspect in the workplace.

And because of the evolving  leadership landscape, those who can navigate the complexities of human interaction with finesse stand to reap. 

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To your success 

Micah Langat 

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