Who Needs Counselling? Reasons why we all need Counselling Services

We all experience periods of sadness, depression, loneliness, worry, anxiety, relational conflict, and internal stress.

All of us go through difficult times and transitions in our lives. Seeking out the support of a professional counsellor, because you are struggling in life doesn’t mean you are weak.

 Willingness to genuinely examine yourself is a bold move. Especially for you who hold the following myths at heart:

Convincing yourself that you need counselling, especially when everything seems fine is a hard task. After all, why fix what is not broken, right? The following simple facts might help you anyways:

All of us would benefit greatly from counselling services. Find the courage to take that first step, if you are looking to make life changes, the Kenya Institute of professional counselling would love to offer you support and the direction you need to explore yourself and your unique way of being you.

Have any advice to share with us? Share it in the comments below, we love hearing about you and your counselling journey!

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