What counselling psychologists do.

Counselling psychologists provide a variety of techniques and therapeutic approaches that meet the specific needs and circumstances of clients. 

Work in areas such as grief and loss, significant life transitions, developmental issues, relationship difficulties, domestic violence, sexual abuse/assault, trauma, maintaining healthy lifestyles, vocational assessment and career development.

Counselling psychologists can work in a private practice setting, an outpatient facility, or a hospital setting. The workplace of counselling psychologists depends upon the type of clients a practitioner chooses to serve. For example, colleges and major universities employ counselling psychologists to teach as well as conduct research alongside clinical psychologists.

Businesses and corporations may hire counselling psychologists for consultation services as well. Public health facilities also employ counselling psychologists to oversee the vocational coordination of the facility’s services in addition to coordinating group-orientated psychotherapy.

Being a psychologist can be a rewarding, but challenging field. A psychologist requires a diverse set of skills and traits to be successful in their line of work and improve outcomes for their clients.

 Here are some skills every psychologist should have. 

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