Counselling and/vs therapy


Psychotherapy and counselling are both treatments for mental health problems that involve talking with a trained mental health professional. You talk about thoughts, feelings and behaviours to understand them better and work in a collaborative way to promote mental wellness. 

The term psychotherapy is often used interchangeably with counselling, talk therapy or therapy. There can be a lot of overlap between psychotherapy and counselling.


Broadly speaking, counselling tends to be focused on one specific issue and is considered short-term treatment. You may learn coping techniques and problem-solve the issue together. 

Psychotherapy tends to treat a broader range of issues and more complex problems. It can be a long-term treatment.

Depending on the type of psychotherapy or counselling offered, goals can include helping people learn to cope with and better manage their responses to life’s stresses, understand and change patterns of behaviour that get in the way of their personal goals, and have more satisfying relationships and feel more fulfilled.

Types of therapy

There are many different types of psychotherapy available, so reading about the types of therapies out there can help:

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