Looking to be more self- aware?

One of the many challenges we have as a nation is that individuals have lost a sense of self. And since they have lost a sense of self, they have also lost their sense of values. We hear stories of people who are committing all kinds of crime, from murder, to drug and substance abuse to corruption. All hope seems to be lost.


You will hear all kinds of comments from people randomly talking, from social media to matatus (which is public transport) and even at home. They say, “Tumechoka” which translates to, “We are tired!”


The atmosphere seems to be dark and that all hope is lost, but we are here to say that, “There is hope!” Hope so wonderful that there is a fighting chance. A fighting chance not only for the country but more so for every Kenyan or individual. There is hope. And that hope we can restore. “And how do we do that?” you ask? Well, we all have a mandate, a calling to go back to our true original identity. As mentioned earlier, one of the many issues in many individuals is the loss of the sense of self.


Having a sense of identity is all about knowing who you are and what you stand for (your values). When you stand for something, you will not fall for everything. And once we know who we are, we will be able to clearly articulate our values and make the necessary adjustments in our lives so as to live a more fulfilling life. And once we make the necessary adjustments in our lives, the impact will be felt in our families, society and hence, our country.

It is time to go back to finding our lost individual identity! Once there, even the crime rates will reduce since each individual will live according to their own rightful values.


So, are you that individual who is willing to take personal responsibility and rediscover your true self? Are you willing to go on a Self-discovery journey?

Look no further. At KIPC, we are offering a counselling short course which goes for one month fulltime and six months part-time. Here you will get to interact with our well able trainers who will equip you with the right resources and knowledge to live an empowered life. We also offer five free therapy sessions as part of the training package.


To find out more about this Life-transforming course, kindly call us at 0720908213 or 0722561388. You can email us at  And we will definitely see you at the top!