The Power of One

The Power of One


The basic unit of every society is the family. Without families, the society would not be. And at the heart of every family is a marriage. A marriage is constituted of two individuals, husband and wife, who mutually agree to come together and start a family.

We hear of the old adage, that a married couple is two people who become One. In oneness, they sing the melodious tune of harmony. They may both have their differences but their love, bond and respect for each other keeps them close. And yet, despite this beautiful picture, there are those marriages that seem to be not working out, are troubled or unhappy.


Divorce cases are on the rise and one of the major causes is that one or both parties express that they feel they do not love their spouses anymore. The love dwindled away as easily as it was kindled.  Issues creep in like financial problems, extra-marital affairs, physical and verbal abuse etcetera, which are also other causes of separations and divorce cases. Sometimes the cases are extreme and we hear of people killing and murdering their own spouses that they once loved and cherished. All this spells gloom and doom.


But, like every problem, there is a solution. One of the most powerful tools that proves helpful is therapy. There are many success stories of marriages that were saved just by having therapy or counselling sessions.


Which is why KIPC was born. We are here to offer hope and solutions by giving practical tools and strategies to live an empowered life. We, at KIPC, believe in marriages because, like mentioned earlier, Marriages are the basic unit of every society and at KIPC we are happy to be of help and of service.


KIPC is staffed by professional counsellors who are able to offer marriage counselling sessions. To enquire more about how to see a Professional counsellor, kindly contact 0202601620 (which is our landline), 0720908213 or 0722561388 to book yourself and your spouse an appointment and give your marriage a second chance. Contact us today!  It is not too late. It is never too late to make a change and save your marriage. We are rooting for you and all the best!


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